February 23, 2022: One year later:

Our crash prediction remains intact:

Jones rise from 31,000 to 36,000 has now dropped back to 30,000 level. This is the second collapse. Enduring the Biden election that increased gas prices where unemployment dropped because everyone in the family had to go back to work to survive. Due to Biden’s dramatic record inflation actual income levels are diving.

Bitcoin has its ups and downs. Personally we made money when we predicted the 41,000 level to go to 66,000 which it did. We cashed out then. It dropped back to the twenties level. It bears watching; it appears to have found a bottom in the twenties. After a year of disaster we will resume market commentaries.

As predicted:

Gold finally rises 2019

OPEC/Putin New Moon Use of Astrology to decide oil flow repeats Dec. 6/2018 as we also predicted two years ago when Putin associated with OPEC to see oil rise from $45 to $55 within two days.

Our previous predictions on OPEC oil price jumps stipulated the international nature of agreements at this time of year due to astrological influence. Again, this time Dec. 7 Russia and other non-OPEC nations joined to announce 800,000 barrels plus 400,000 per day cut for Russia and other non-OPEC nations. Oil jumped 3%+ Dec. 7 as we predicted an international cut was imminent to include Russia. OPEC use of astrology continues and those without knowledge of this science will continue to be “in the dark” regarding oil pricing/flow from OPEC and other nations.


Gold, Bitcoin price shocks

August 2015 we predicted flash crashes over 1,000 points on the NYSE. We give ourselves a 5 day window; this time we were very concerned about Oct/Nov.. Shout-Out to paid subscribers described minimum pay jobs, 1.5 trillion student debt, crashed housing starts, etc. & 62% U.S. children on food stamps. Gold rose $27/oz then lost its gains but recovered. Bitcoin finally lost its stability & very low volume decreasing from $6400 levels to $3300 levels confirming our price shocks call. The NYSE lost 2,000 points in our call with daily volatility shock values continuing. We anticipated lower volume will now accompany even lower stock values. Microsoft is down 30% in the last 90 days as we write this November 17.

2021: Feb. 23 We predicted Dow Jones market collapse by March 22:

Dow dropped 4,000 points in 5 days!

Dow-Jones down 8,000 points in 14 days! Dow down 11,000 points! We called another one! We said the collapse would happen by March 22 for its lowest with only electronic trades permitted
Nov. 25, 2019: We predict a rise in Bitcoin currently at $7,248.72 — buy now again!

Latest subscriber emails have been sent; we see Bitcoin volatility opportunity recurring as it will increase from its latest dip.

Recommending Bitcoin purchase now at $9500 Sept. 24/2019. Paid subscribers have been notified with further timing details.

We’ve advised only those who can afford to lose money — to buy Bitcoin; on May 9 we bought into Bitcoin at $5800 — today May 13 it jumped to $12,000. Subscribe:

World economy undergoes discipline as U.S. deficit escalates. Investors pay attention to stable Bitcoin joined by institutions.

Saudi astrology saw black future

by cutting oil supplies as oil demand shrinks in world-class economic crash in November 2018. Russia co-operated to stop sharp oil price crash.

An earlier OPEC Astrology Meet-up Prediction

OPEC recognized by vixpredictor as utilizing astrology. Frequently OPEC met on the New Moon but Friday’s June 22nd meet up is a change. Its Friday chart suggests a free-flowing event whereby OPEC’s Saudi Arabia will open tood-gates resulting in a drop in the current peak price for oil. Russia appears to be ready to join in as the two countries currently co-operate on oil drilling technologies and now on the actual volume of the production of oil where OPEC and Russia have limited production. Venezuela and Iran oppose the resumption of the normal flow of oil as they are sanction-targeted by the U.S. and will suffer from reduced oil prices.

Vixpredictor also follows reports that the meet-up will resume Russian and Saudi Arabian production levels.

Paid subscribers have been told already!


Subscribers were warned to be extremely alert for August 18-26 2015 crash period. Greek PM Tsipras had suddenly resigned Sunday Aug. 23 forcing a snap election as an EU Grexit neared. Flash crash occurred Monday, August 24 as NYSE stocks fell 1070 points. Our earlier radio program alert warning saw NYSE drop 2,000 points; we had said it would crash in May.

We signalled alerts for the oil to bottom at $29 from $39 which leveled off for weeks before returning to $50 due to the existing oil glut would falter the price again to finally continue to rise September 2016 which we announced its final significant barrel price rise that occurred.

The 5 day biotech challenges/scandals along with Volkswagen’s emissions scandal which both lost 25% was another 5 day warning period predicted for options traders when we warned to be alert to a flash crash without actually naming VW or the health field. Alert options traders would be able to jump on these stocks the first day of the news knowing drastic losses were about to occur for puts options (betting on stock losses) to profit from the crashed values. July 24 2017 saw 3 German auto manufacturers charged with join collusion to hide diesel fume pollution.


We predicted gold to rise from its $1079 stagnation which was followed by the start of its record rise — within 48 hours in January 2016. It reached $1350 in the largest quarterly gold gain in history.

We warned: July 4 to 8 to see anothe crash result! “You’d be shocked!!” we said. We warned especially the 7th! Brexit saw UK banks drop as much as 20%! On the 7th in particular 12 Dallas policemen were shot!

Sept. 18 crises predicted: U.S. mistakenly killed or injured 162 Syrian soldiers; Manhattan bombings, New Jersey stabbings, etc. saw NYSE peak before downturn; this time the market did not drop in a flash but did a slow-train-crash as they say dropping hundreds of points from its height at the time. In other words we called a slow-crash.


No significant economic recovery until September but overall economy growth will remain sluggish to 2018 with low dividends. Central bankers will struggle through this crisis to no avail with currency wars and 0% or minimal interest charges on deposits.

We’ve followed the CNBC stocks program’s countless guests since 1999. We evaluate honest reporters plus CIA reporters enjoying hidden incomes as well as numerous “other” sources. ‘Fixed’ stock prices are a concern.

​Our experience as avid observers and investors has crystallized into creation of this valuable newsletter. Blog predictions appear on this site for reader validation — We feel our unique calls have been superior to most stocks pundits!! who mostly appear to be unable to see the current critical economic reality not to be relieved. We cannot “call” every market price drama but our technology is beyond algorithms.

​CNBC’s respected Fast Money Jon Najarian indicated there are days when wild things happen, i.e., VIX flash crash craziness — we have predicted many of them! Our accurate record has proven this unique capability!!